Fleet Electric Vehicle (EV) and Charging Considerations Whitepaper

This whitepaper presents the considerations around EV charging infrastructure for fleet vehicle deployments. With increasing EV adoption, understanding the EV operations profile and charging needs is a necessary step in the planning process to optimize costs, streamline deployments, and enable future growth while maintaining deployment schedules.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly becoming a part of the transportation solution particularly for vehicle fleets. The fleet deployments of EVs include passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, delivery vehicles, school buses, and even semi-trucks and refrigerated trailers. These fleets are increasingly deployed for facilities including municipal / government, utilities, schools, and private sector clients.

With increasingly pervasive deployments of EVs into the marketplace, consideration of the EV charging needs today and in the future is required before fully deploying EVs. Without intentional understanding and decisions on the charging needs, EVs deployments will result in headaches on facilities teams that are unprepared for the deployment, cost, and operational impacts from EV charging.

Download whitepaper at EV Charging Infrastructure Considerations Whitepaper


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