Save Money and the Environment with Solar

Reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint, while increasing your sustainability through onsite solar all with ZERO out of pocket costs.

Enerlogics helps facilities reduce their electricity costs through the installation and operation of locally-generated onsite solar systems. With systems ranging from small rooftop mounted solar to larger ground mounted solar, Enerlogics will cover all the costs for system installation and operation under a power purchase agreement program.

In this drone video, you can see the installation of a ground-mounted solar array at the Penta Career Center outside Toledo Ohio. This project was developed by Enerlogics and installed by GEM Energy. From this project, Penta will benefit from solar power by:

  • Paying a lower price for electricity than its current cost of power
  • Inflation proofing their electricity spend for the future thru fixed pricing
  • Receiving immediate operational savings without using operating or capital budget funds
  • Providing educational opportunities to students
  • Lowering its carbon footprint through locally generated, onsite renewable energy

In addition to Penta Career Center, Enerlogics has helped other facilities reduce costs and increase sustainability. Leading organizations such as county governments, city governments, state universities, and commercial companies have entrusted Enerlogics to install and operate solar for their facilities.

Let us evaluate if solar power is a good option for your facility by requesting a virtual analysis through this brief form — no site visit will be necessary. Once we’ve evaluated your site online, you’ll receive a complete report with our assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider solar now?
Reductions in the cost of solar equipment have enabled the cost-effective installation of solar systems with significant cost reduction relative to grid power costs. In addition, the current federal tax incentives provide additional benefits to the owner of the solar system. Even if you have considered or dismissed solar in the past, the reductions in system costs mean you should consider solar now.

How much does a solar system cost?
Solar system cost includes equipment, installation, type of installation, and related costs such as interconnection and permitting – generally ground mounted solar is less expensive than roof mounted solar. Enerlogics offers both turnkey system installation as well as power purchase agreements.

How does a power purchase agreement work?
The power purchase agreement (PPA) structure allows your facility to obtain the benefits of solar without directly incurring the costs to install and operate the system. Under the PPA, Enerlogics covers all installation and operating costs, with your facility simply buying the power generated by the system at your site. The PPA structure is especially beneficial for non-profit and government organizations that cannot utilize the investment tax credit, or do not have the capital budget for solar today. Under the PPA, your facility purchases the electricity generated by the solar array, reducing your electricity consumption from the electric grid.

How much space do I need for solar?
Roof mounted solar works best on flat or south-facing roofs with minimal roof mounted equipment such as HVAC. Ground mounted solar can be installed on as little as an acre of available land. If you don’t have available roof or ground, carport solar might be an option for your facility as well. If you are not sure about your roof or ground – contact us and we will perform a no-obligation feasibility analysis.

What if I don’t have room for solar?
Some states allow meter aggregation. For example, Pennsylvania law allows for virtual meter aggregation from a solar array located at one site to a facility located within 2 miles and the same utility service zone. If you don’t have room on your site, Enerlogics may still be able to help you obtain the benefits of solar for your facility.

How much can I save with solar?
Savings for your facility depends upon your current electricity costs, and factors including the size of the solar array relative your overall electricity consumption. Generally solar arrays significant lifetime savings relative to your current electricity costs.

What if I don’t have time or budget for this right now?
Enerlogics does all the work to evaluate feasibility and show you the benefits of solar. Additionally, under the PPA structure Enerlogics covers all installation and operating costs. Can you really afford to not consider saving on your energy costs?

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation feasibility analysis.