Distributed Energy Development   Creating future-proof solutions for your facility energy needs.

At Enerlogics, we design customized distirbuted energy solutions that enhance sustainability while reducing your electricity costs

Using technologies including solar, energy storage, EV charging, prime power solutions, and intelligent software controls like demand response and dynamic load management, paired with our experienced development and project management in concert with deployment partners, Enerlogics optimizes solutions for the unique needs of your facility.


Shift to clean, renewable sources of electricity with long-term cost certainty. These projects enable facilities to commit to sustainable energy production with energy price certainty, often with operational cost savings.


Energy Storage

Utilize low cost lithium ion based battery technology to support applications including energy resiliency, demand response, energy arbitrage, and peak load management. These projects enable facilities to reduce operational costs while optimizing operational efficiency

EV Charging

Utilize intelligently managed electric vehicle charging to reduce the demand and cost impact of your fleet electrification

Feasibility & Analysis

Candidate facility baseline analysis, preliminary designs, and indicative economics.

Final Design & Permitting

Final design, including submission of interconnection applications and preliminary permits

Contracting & Project Management

Selection of finance vs. turnkey delivery, and contracting with schedules, project management and oversight.

Construction, Installation, & Commissioning

Construction oversight and project management, installation management, and commissioning support.

Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

Enerlogics has extensive experience working with client facilities as well as utilities in the deployment and execution of services including demand response and energy efficiency.

  • Demand Response: Tap into financial benefits for reducing electricity consumption to reduce electric demand in response to grid conditions. These virtual generation capabilities enable facilities to obtain financial and operational benefits while relieving stress on the electric grid.
  • Energy Efficiency: Permanently reduce electricity consumption through the installation of energy efficient products such as lighting, VFDs, HVAC equipment, control systems, and retrocommisioning. These measures enable facilities to reduce operational costs while obtaining incentives from utility and grid operators.
Product design and deployment services

Enerlogics has performed consulting for companies in areas including building automation control system integration with the demand response markets; demand response auction platform; and integration of internet-of-things (IoT) energy management devices into holistic energy efficiency and demand response systems.

Program design and Execution

Enerlogics performed the analysis and program design of the demand resposne program for Allegheny Power, a FirstEnergy company.

Project technical and financial analysis

Enerlogics has performed technical and financial analysis for projects including offshore wind, onshore wind, combined heat/power projects, utility- and onsite-solar systems, energy storage systems for telecommunications sites, and integrated microgrid projects.

Business and Channel development

Enerlogics has performed sales training, sales staff augmentation, and performance-based business development services for a variety of energy management and energy services companies.