Enerlogics provides services in the following areas:

  • Demand Response: Tap into financial benefits for reducing electricity consumption to reduce electric demand in response to grid conditions. These virtual generation capabilities enable facilities to obtain financial and operational benefits while relieving stress on the electric grid.
  • Energy Efficiency: Permanently reduce electricity consumption through the installation of energy efficient products such as lighting, VFDs, HVAC equipment, control systems, and retrocommisioning. These measures enable facilities to reduce operational costs while obtaining incentives from utility and grid operators.
  • Solar: Shift to clean, renewable sources of electricity with long-term cost certainty. These projects enable facilities to commit to sustainable energy production with energy price certainty, often with operational cost savings.
  • Storage: Utilize low cost lithium ion based battery technology to support applications including energy resiliency, demand response, energy arbitrage, and peak load management. These projects enable facilities to reduce operational costs while optimizing operational efficiency.


In addition to these primary services, Enerlogics has an extensive set of capabilities including:

  • Product design and deployment services: Enerlogics has performed consulting for companies in areas including building automation control system integration with the demand response markets; demand response auction platform; and integration of internet-of-things (IoT) energy management devices into holistic energy efficiency and demand response systems.
  • Program design: Enerlogics performed the analysis and program design of the demand resposne program for Allegheny Power, a FirstEnergy company.
  • Project level technical and financial analysis: Enerlogics has performed technical and financial analysis for projects including offshore wind, onshore wind, combined heat/power projects, utility- and onsite-solar systems, energy storage systems for telecommunications sites, and integrated microgrid projects.
  • Business development: Enerlogics has performed sales training, sales staff augmentation, and performance-based business development services for a variety of energy management and energy services companies.

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Featured Projects and Programs

Cuyahoga County Aggregated Solar Program

Enerlogics is the developer of a multi-site solar program for Cuyahoga County-owned facilities. The initial sites include the Medical Examiner’s Office in Cleveland, the Animal Shelter in Valley View, and the Harvard Road Garage in Newburgh Heights.

Cuyahoga Urban Renewable Power Solar Project

Developer of one of the largest solar arrays constructed in Ohio, this 4.0 MW (DC) solar system is constructed on a former landfill site in Brooklyn, Ohio.

Duquesne Demand Response

Administrator for the Duquesne Light Demand Response Program for Phase 3 of the Pennsylvania Act 129 Programs.

Duquesne Energy Efficiency Program

Administrator for the Duquesne Light (Pittsburgh PA) Energy Efficiency Program for Large Commercial and Primary Metals market segments for Phases 1 and 2 of the Pennsylvania Act 129 Programs.

Energy Efficiency Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate the energy savings and financial impact of energy efficiency projects.