Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Enerlogics works with electric utilities, and with commercial and industrial customers to evaluate, administer, install, and validate energy efficiency projects.

Helpful Tips for Saving Energy and Money

As a business owner or manager, if you had the opportunity to lower your operating costs, wouldn’t you take it? Here’s your chance.PrimaryUsageSplits

Simply by investing in energy efficiency improvements, you can reduce your electricity consumption — saving you energy and money. In addition, you may be eligible to participate in an energy efficiency incentive options to receive cash rebates and incentives for the purchase and installation of energy efficient equipment.

How it works

  • Pre-Installation Analysis
    • Work with partner companies and integrators to conduct a pre-installation survey that assesses energy saving opportunities and project potential incentives based on energy savings.
  • Financing and Administration
    • If your project is eligible for state or utility rebates and incentives, submit project package for approval and fund reservation.
    • If financing is required for your project, submit project package for financing alternatives.
  • Project Implementation
    • Implement energy efficiency project with partner companies and integrators.
  • Validation and Payment
    • Once installation is complete, conduct a post-installation review to validate energy savings. Submit results for state or utility rebates and incentives.
  • Submit for Tax Deductions
    • Once installation is complete, submit for applicable state and federal tax deductions on your corporate tax return.


Example Lighting Measures
  • Lighting controls upgrade
  • Lighting system redesign
  • Lighting retrofits – Replace existing T-12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with T-8 or T-5 lamps with electronic ballasts
  • Electronic dimmable ballasts and day lighting controls
  • Incandescent replacement with compact fluorescents or LED products
Example Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Measures
  • Energy Recovery or Economizers
  • Optimization of Ventilation to Minimum Required for Code
  • Building Automation System Upgrades
  • HVAC equipment replacement
  • Variable speed motors on pumps and fans
Example Supplemental Load Reductions
  • Power Management Enabling for PCs, Printers, and Copiers
  • Turn off Plug Loads at Night
  • ENERGY STAR Equipment Office Equipment, Vending Machines
Example Lighting Measures
  • Thermal Ice Storage
  • Plant optimization and operational improvements
  • Retro- and continuous commissioning of system – equipment replacement and/or operational strategies

How Do I Get Started or Find out More Information?

If you are ready to start saving energy and money by implementing energy efficiency in your facility, contact us.

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