Company Highlights

Company Highlights

Energy Efficiency

      • Administrator of energy efficiency incentive program for two market segments (commercial and primary metals) for Duquesne Light (second phase multi-year contract)
      • Assessment and financing of energy efficiency projects for commercial and industrial clients
      • Project management and implementation of energy efficiency projects for various manufacturing clients
      • Consulting on design and business launch plan for manufacturer of lighting and plug load control systems

Demand Response

        • Administrator of demand response program for Duquesne Light including program design, marketing, customer enrollment, dispatch, and reporting
        • Analysis and program design for Allegheny Power, a FirstEnergy company
        • Consulting on design of demand response auction platform
        • Consulting with major building automation controls supplier on demand response integration

Energy Generation Services

    • Developer of brownfield and urban land reuse solar projects including 4 MW solar PV in Cuyahoga County Ohio
    • Principles are involved in renewable energy project development and financing for projects ranging from offshore wind to hydropower to ground- and roof-mounted solar

Energy Supply

          • Power Purchase Agreement Negotiation
          • Blended Supply Solution for Natural Gas and Electricity for commercial and manufacturing clients
          • Unregulated Supplier Negotiation (with utilities such as AEP, FES, Constellation, Suez)