Enerlogics Networks, Inc. was founded in 2009 to focus on “behind the meter” services for larger commercial and industrial clients. Enerlogics Networks focuses on bringing intelligent technology solutions for energy efficiency, demand response, energy supply, renewable power, and facility operations. Founded by seasoned veterans, Enerlogics is uniquely positioned to provide strategic solutions for the energy markets. By leveraging strategic relationships with partner companies, Enerlogics provides cost-effective solutions to its customers.

Enerlogics was founded by industry professionals with over 75 years experience in services include: energy management, energy efficiency, integrated demand side management, building controls, intelligent IT communications and operations, and project/construction management.  This varied background allows Enerlogics the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of clients, offering cost-effective solutions with maximum value.

Today the Enerlogics family of companies includes:

  • Enerlogics Networks, Inc. with a focus on utility demand response programs
  • Enerlogics Services LLC with a focus on energy efficiency services for commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, and utility clients.
  • Enerlogics Solar LLC with a focus on the development of solar and other energy generation projects.

Comprehensively, the Enerlogics family of companies offers services for large energy consumer clients in the following key areas:

Energy Efficiency Services

Enabling clients to use less energy in their operations. Services range from identification of projects to project management of project installation to assistance with incentive processing and project finance.

Demand Response Services

Helping clients to obtain benefits by reducing consumption in response to grid conditions. Services range from project management of technology implementation to coordination of enrollment into utility or regional demand response programs.

Energy Supply Services

Assisting clients in cost effective energy purchase decisions. Services include consulting and competitive auction services for electricity and natural gas supply contracts.

Energy Generation Development Services

Enabling clients to generate onsite energy. Services include technical and financial analysis of projects, project and construction management, financing, and operations.